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Did Your Marriage Come With A Success Book? 

MWM_Blueprint Stack.pngAre you ready to really step it up in your relationship?

Would you like a blueprint that can ensure you have a successful and exciting lifelong marriage?

We hear it A LOT.  "Our relationship is great, but how can we keep the spark?" Or, "How can we take it up another notch to make our bond incredible?"

That is why we created the
Marriages Worth Millions Blueprint. 



Do you ever feel lost in your relationship?MWM_Blueprint Stack.png

Maybe you just aren't sure how to reach each other.

Do you want to find connection and excitement every day with your spouse?

The Marriages Worth Millions Relationship Blueprint program shows you how. 

In these conversations and the associated Action guide, Brett and Gina lead you in kindling (or re-kindling!) passionate fire and life in your romance.  

This blueprint will truly take your marriage from great to exceptional.  

With the Blueprint, you also receive access to our Member's Only Facebook Community. Brett and Gina are in the group daily and personally answer questions and/or guide discussions to directly support you in making YOUR Marriage Worth Millions!

The Blueprint ensures you can: 

          1. Deliver the kind of emotional and mental connection your partner needs

        2. Over 6 hours of audio coaching on real issues and real solutions.

        3. Guarantee that your partner NEVER feels unheard.   

        4. Always answer the most important relationship question ever asked - 

               A.R.E.  you there for me?

        5. ALWAYS be great in bed.  

      Transcripts and action guide included, so you can review it over and over, while
      making notes for yourself as you go. 

This is THE Couples Training that will truly help you make a Marriage Worth Millions. 



There is nothing as exhilarating as a thriving, magical marriage--A "Marriage Worth Millions."

Remember the fun and excitement you had when you were dating?  The late nights just talking on the phone or sitting in the car for hours on end? Remember losing yourself in his eyes? The thrill of stealing a kiss from her lips? 

What if it never stopped?  What could feel that same inner tingle every time you saw each other?

That is what the Marriages Worth Millions Blueprint is all about. This is THE source for concise and relationship transforming tools that you can instantly apply to your marriage.  


Here is a sample of what you will learn: 


Be a Better Spouse in 5 Easy Steps

About a year and a half ago, I was suddenly called out of town to address an
emergency situation with one of our daughters in college. 

It was a very emotionally, mentally, and physically draining week,
and I couldn't contain my tears as I saw Brett's face when he met 
me to bring me home from the airport. The waves of relief and support,
strength and safety I felt as he folded me into his arms brought
me to tears, and I clung to him for what seemed like ages,
burying my face in his shoulder.  

When I finally came up for air, we simply held each other and
gazed into each other's eyes.  I was oblivious to the spectacle we
were making until, as we turned to walk to the car, a man said,

"Oh, don't stop! I wanted my wife to see you two!"  

I was a bit embarrassed to realize that our reunion had
impacted not just us, but onlookers as well.  

Over the years, Brett has become my safety.
Being with him is home, no matter where we are.  

But such security does not come overnight.  Rather it is like dipping a candle:
with each repeated dip into the wax, the wick is given more fuel and the candle grows.  

Below are five simple steps that you can use to fuel and strengthen your most significant relationships. 

1. Praise your loved one, especially in the presence of your children.  

2. Thank, express love for, or earnestly plead for him or her in prayer.

3. Stop yourself from saying something you know can be hurtful. 

4. When you hurt or let your partner down, apologize and
humbly ask for forgiveness, without adding the words
but if only you had" or "but if only you hadn't." 

5. Choose to be happy rather than demanding to be "right." 


This is only a small sample of the type impact this program will have on your relationship!



Satisfied and Happy Couples Say . . .


"Gina gave us the hope and the secure feeling that we could communicate with each other effectively. She helped bring us home to each other. She taught us how important it is to be vulnerable with one another and also how to help each other when one of us is feeling that way.

Without Gina our marriage never would have survived.  She helped me rekindle the love for my husband that I first had, and she has helped that love grow even deeper than I ever could have imagined.

Gina is amazing at what she does. She knows people and she is very in tune with her clients.  There are no words to describe the joy she has brought back into my life and marriage. Thank you does not feel sufficient enough."

M. Reaves, Educational Paraprofessoinal

"Using the things I learn from you both, [I am] looking forward to a very happy future with my husband!  Thank you both!"    Jennifer Traylor Woder, Jewelry Store Manager


Brett and Gina Judd founded Fortunes and Families to help couples find joy and abundance in their marriages and to literally make "Marriages Worth Millions".  

The programs and products they offer help all couples, but particularly entrepreneurs, find ways to balance the tasks of life and the needs of the relationships. 




ALL relationships have the same question.  

"ARE You There For Me?"

Brett and Gina Judd have hand-picked the best content from the vast Fortunes and Families library and put it together into a special audio coaching program to assist you in increasing the love and connection in your marriage.  

Included in this program is:

Program 1 - A.R.E. You There For Me?

This two-disk audio coaching series teaches you the most important question that you can ever learn in making a Marriage Worth Millions:  "A.R.E. you there for me? 

In this series you will learn how to become:

  • Accessible,
  • Responsive, and
  • Engaged in your spouse.  

Not only will you learn the power of these three principles, you also learn how to apply them in your marriage.  Mastering these alone will increase the probability of marital success more than any other factor.  

Dr. John Gottman observed that with 91% accuracy, he could identify couples who would and who would not survive for another 5 years.  What he found is that those who understand and apply A.R.E. enjoy an unbreakable bond and actually thrive in their marriage. 

Learn how to answer an unmistakable "YES!" when you partner asks "ARE you there for me?"

Program 2 - It has been said that if our behaviors within relationships can be thought of as a "dance," then emotion is the music that drives our interactions.  

Discover your relationship "dance" and find the steps to mold it together into a beautiful, passionate "tango" in which you anticipate and learn to respond instantly to your lover's every move.

When you discover the patterns that erode and undermine loving bonds, and learn how to stop them, your relationship disconnection will end.  

Are your in a -

  • "One, Two, Three: Not ME!" cycle, 

     or do the two of you rapidly disintegrate into the

  • "Disconnection Disco?"

The Blueprint will help you find the steps together to your amazing, unique, seamless, sensual Tango. 

Bonus 1: - Complete transcript and action guide.

We have transcribed the complete audio program and have bound the recordings into a book, coupled with an action guide to help you apply the concepts you will be learning to your relationship's specific strengths and challenges.  

Bonus 2: - Masters and Disasters!  Dr. Gottman's research and a special session with Brett and Gina discussing what the research means and how to marriage "Master!" 

Bonus 3: - Two months FREE membership to the Marriages Worth Millions 
          RelationTIPS Premium coaching program ($194 value)

This members-only coaching program brings you closer to your ideal marriage with:

  • Monthly guest interview coaching call
  • Monthly Q/A coaching call (premium membership benefit)
  • Members only newsletter mailed each month
  • Access to the video archive of the Fortunes and Families, and the An Open Mind and Heart T.V. shows.
  • Special occasion premium bonuses

Marriages Worth Millions RelationTIPS Coaching Programs

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