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The Entrepreneur's Guide To Breaking The Success MYTHS CRUSHING Relationships And Success!


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Nick Burton
"We think, process, act, and analyze the world very different.
We don't even realize the extent of stress we can put on a family because
it's all we know.  By Brett and Gina's understanding of both sides of the
spouse/entrepreneur viewpoint I believe he can help navigate any business
 and relationship waters. Even if it seems everything is calm on the surface
we all know the issues not addressed  can be the hardest to overcome."

Nick Burton

The Entrepreneur's Guide To Breaking The Success Myths

There is A LOT of garbage information out there and much of it is costing you money. We've put together the most common myths that entrepreneurs hold and how you can begin to build powerful, profitable relationships!! 

The Most Important Tips

1. Research has shown the a solid and supportive home is worth over $140,000 annually.  Many entrepreneurs are driven and focused yet fail to nurture the most profitable of all relationships - the home.  

2. Balance is the key to success. When an entrepreneur learns to balance their time, they are no longer putting off today's enjoyment for tomorrows potential.  We cannot live for what tomorrow might bring as much as we cannot waste our tomorrow on todays pleasure.  

3Holding onto faulty information (myths) cost you thousands of dollars and can cost you your relationships.  When entrepreneurs learn the power of positive relationships, they are more successful in home and work.  Entrepreneurial divorce is one of the highest categories of divorce and the myths of success are not helping.  

4. One of the greatest myths (lies) is that you can treat a marriage like a business and it will thrive.  The opposite is actually true.  When you learn to build and leverage powerful intimate relationships, you have mastered the success tools you need to succeed in business.