I am thrilled to be getting the Affection Intimacy and Sex coaching series for such an amazing discount.

I fully understand that this One Time Offer of just $19.99 is an incredible opportunity.

Normally part of a larger program or sold individually for $97, Affection Intimacy and Sex will help any couple better understand the complexities and nuances of being affectionate, deepening intimacy, and having a better sex life. 

The research continues to show that couples who are deeply in love are also very passionate and have a mutually rewarding sex life.

The program includes 2 audio files. 

The first is an introduction to the idea that Affection Intimacy and Sex are different yet intertwined.  

When you learn how to be affectionate, you will understand how to increase intimacy.  Both lead to better and more rewarding sex. 

Audio 2 helps you understand the 3 types of sex.  Understanding the type of sex you are most often engaged in helps you gauge your needs and desires.  Reaching the 3rd type - synchrony - is the most pleasurable of all three. 

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