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Boomer Divorce Is On The Rise - but why?

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Are you considering the options for your future?

We hope you will think again if you are considering divorce.

Boomer Divorce is a real problem.  Divorce rates for seniors are now more than early life divorce.  Typically, there is a spike around year 5 in marriage, but boomer (or grey) divorce now outpaces them all.  

Why is it that seniors are getting divorced and what can be done about it?

In a recent article in Virtual Strategy Magazing 
queens divorce attorney Bruce Feinstien, esq. discusses the real facts of late life divorce.

“There are three things that are a top concern to my senior clients: Retirement; Alimony; and retaining the marital residence.”

Long-term marriage divorce can differ greatly from younger couple’s divorce. While retirement funds for younger couples can be distributed based on many factors, participants in long-term marriages will generally see their retirement funds cut in half after a divorce. While alimony for younger couples is usually short-term to allow lower-earning spouses time to get back on their feet, New York courts will typically order alimony for life during divorces for long-term marriage. Lastly, if you’re dead set on keeping the house, keep in mind that unless you have the funds to buy your ex out, your spouse is going to get something in return."

The facts is, later life, boomer divorce does not have to happen and with the right help or preventative care will not happen.  Lats give you 3 ways to turn it around if you are considering it.

1. Decide early that divorce is not an option.

I know it sounds simple but that one simple decision can make all the difference.  The reality is, we will always take an escape route that is easy.  When the relationship is in distress, we will seek anyway we can to ease the distress, including bailing out.

2. Take a serious inventory of the cost.  

As noted above and from conversations with entrepreneurs we work with, most who divorce early never regain the financial footing they had afttter paying legal and accounting fees to divide assetts.  Loss of retirement, splitting business assets, loss of home can all devistate your living ability at a time when recuoping that money will be hard. 

3. See a certified Emotionally Focused Therapist.  

I understand that your sisters friends son is an amazing therapist and does wonderful work, but if he is not trained and certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy as taught by Dr. Sue Johnson your chances of success of abysmal.  

4. Bonus Listen to Marriages Worth Millions from The Love Entrepreneurs - Brett and Gina Judd.

Okay, that bonus was gratuitous, but as you will hear in the episode below, Gina and I cover the important concepts required to make a Marriage Worth Millions every episode. 


Fortunes and families are possible with Brett and Gina Judd - Make Marriages Worth Millions.  

Don't Let Business Bakrupt The Family, Increase The ROI In The Boardroom and The Bedroom.

Brett M. Judd MSW writes for Fortunes and Families 




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