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How many times after a disagreement or flash of tension . . . 

have you ever said to yourself or your partner, "We just need better communication skills."?  Statements like this are theGottman quote - attachment and intimacy number one complaint of couples who come to us for relationship coaching.

But communication is not the number one problem in relationships.  Renouned relationship researcher, John Gottman, says the REAL culprit is a lack of fun, delight, laughter, playfulness, or silliness, because these are the experiences that build closeness and connection, which is what draws us into fullfilling relationships in the first place.  Think about it--most likely the memories you have of falling in love include interactions full of positivity, and lighthearted banter. Dates probably consisted of activities primed to produce laughter, enjoyment, silliness, or thrills.  

So, improve, strengthen, build up, or rediscover your love by seeking moments of silliness, play, and delight in each other. These are the moments that become the glue of great relationships.  And it is fun! 



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